Squiggle and stripes

Abstract piece with gold and white stripes divided by a flowing squiggle down the centre.

Every month we get a subscription to ScrawlrBox. Every month they have a themed challenge to make something with just the contents of the box. And almost every month the supplies end up being added to my stash to be used at some point. The one exception was when I actually grabbed the soft pastels and drew a cormorant.

This piece was made mostly with the contents of the February 2020 ScrawlrBox. The squiggle is a variant of the mark I make under my name whenever I sign a card.

Close-up of the stripes and squiggle.

I wasn’t totally happy with the way the glitter was stuck down initially and, not wanting it to end up all over everything, I added a coat of glossy accents to secure it. I like the look of glitter but it really does need keeping under control.

And I spent way too long fiddling around with this… including adding a layer of black enamel accents over the squiggle. I finally stopped and declared it finished.

The abstract piece displayed on a small wooden easel.

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