Stampbord owls

Three small images of silhouetted owls in trees set into a yellow background with stencilled rays of light, a forest, and an owl in flight.

I’ve only used Stampbord once before, to create an alcohol ink butterfly. That is still one of my favourite things and it lives on a shelf in my room. (There is a small element of “how do you store small things without losing them” as well, but it’s mostly because it makes me smile.)

Do I love this creation as much? Absolutely not. Did I learn something in the process of making it? Definitely. And that’s the main reason I do online classes: to add to my toolbox of techniques and find the things that appeal to me (and those that don’t).

Close-up of the silhouetted owl in flight.

This was another Artful Academy lesson, from the same “Visible Image collection” class as the hummingbird that took so much work to finish. I had a few issues with this piece, but they were mostly down to my occasional clumsiness. Specifically having problems getting clean stamp impressions (Stampbord will not fit in a stamp positioner) and then — just when it was all finished and I was tidying up — dropping the black ink pad face down on the corner of the background, the nice, clean, crisp, stencilled background. And that is why there is, let’s be charitable and call it a “vignette” around the edges. It looked a lot better before that happened but, once again, I had to do my best to rescue it.

Close-up of "Forest Owls".

There are things that I make that are far from perfect, but when I started this blog I decided that anything that was finished would be posted. At that point I was really only doing it for my benefit, to keep a record of what I made, but now there is the added motivation: to be honest. Posting only the things I’m really proud of would give an unrealistic view of who I am and what I create. There is enough “perfect life” on show online and I don’t think it helps anyone. This year I have been experimenting more, so there are more things that don’t work as well as I’d like. I got some soft pastels in a ScrawlrBox subscription and, well, the temptation to forget my first attempt exists is strong, but it was finished so it will get posted. I now have a better idea of what I should have done and the next attempt might be better. Always learning.

This piece taught me that Distress Oxide inks can create a lovely ghostly effect on Stampbord. It reminded me that I do like silhouettes. And it made sure that I will move finished work out of the way before tidying everything else up.

"Forest Owls" displayed on a small wooden easel.

5 thoughts on “Stampbord owls”

  1. This really turned out nice! I wouldn’t have guessed that you had that “accident”. I, too, post everything I make. There are some that I am not overly thrilled with, but the others I consider “learning experience”. I think that helps you grow. We need to constantly be learning and trying new things. I love experimenting….of course I still do things that I have been practicing for awhile. Do what makes you happy! 🙂

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    1. I think if I’d set out with the idea of creating a vignette effect then I would have been completely happy with it, it’s only because I’d actually finished it that it was annoying. Totally agree with you about constant learning and experimenting – and I always have Copic colouring as my comfort zone!

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