Simple acrylic landscape

A simple portrait format landscape with rolling green land in the lower half and a bright blue sky with "mackerel" clouds on top. The painting has a wide white border around it.

I was about to say that I only really use my acrylic paints for colour and texture on mixed media work and that I never really just paint with them. Then I started wondering if that was actually true so I had a quick search in my blog archives and realised that I have used them more than I remembered: quite a few of last year’s Square-a-thon challenge paintings were done with acrylics, and some of the Wanderlust pieces fall more into my mental category of being a painting rather than an art journal page (I always tie myself in knots trying to define things, don’t ask me what “art” is unless you want to see my brain visibly grind to a halt).

Close-up of the horizon line.

So, anyway, having determined that I have painted with acrylics before, here’s another little experiment. A simple landscape with rolling hills and clouds. One thing I did differently this time was to add a layer of matt varnish over the top to mute the glossiness of the acrylic paint. I quite like the effect, though you could argue that I should just have used gouache to paint it instead…

The landscape displayed on a small wooden easel.

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