Green & gold abstracts

I was tidying up a bit and found three strips of paper left over from another project (from cutting the paper into squares for the Woodland abstracts). Rather than put them away and continue tidying, I turned them into this abstract triptych with acrylic paint, alcohol and gilding flakes. The tidying still isn’t finished…

Apologies for the less than brilliant photos of the individual matted pieces, my photo set-up is more suited to cards than larger pieces (these are 16″ tall in total).

I came across Gerda Lipski — I think she was mentioned in a Facebook group somewhere — and she has a YouTube channel full of lots of interesting ways to use acrylics. The one that first caught my eye was this one demonstrating, among other things, using alcohol to create texture. It looked like a fun technique and so I taped the strips of paper to a board and started following along with her process.

The biggest change I made was in how I finished them. I did paint out areas, but I wasn’t completely sold on the effect with the colours I’d chosen. Then my love of gilding came to the fore and I carefully painted over with Pebeo Mixtion Paste, let it dry and added the gilding flakes. And then I went back a touched up a few spots that I’d missed, but far fewer than I expected given I was painting almost translucent glue over cream paint.

We picked up some cheap frames from Wilko and, at some point, we will get around to hanging them up, probably on the stairs…

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