White fence

The second painting based on one of my photos, and another possible submission for the Twitter Art Exhibit. As well as using it as motivation to work from some of my photos, I also thought it would be a good opportunity to play with different media.

I used watercolour paint and coloured pencils on the tree and, for this one, I had a go at using acrylic gouache for the first time. I really enjoyed painting with it: because it’s acrylic, it’s waterproof once dry, so you can easily layer colours, but you end up with a very matte, flat painting. (As I was getting this ready to post, I realised that I had used the acrylic gouache tag before and was reminded of a birthday card I made way back in 2019; this is still the first painting I’ve done with them though.)

my original photograph

I love this image with the exaggerated perspective of the fence and the three distinct sections of pavement, fence, and foliage.

a close-up showing the tiny blue flowers I added

It’s going to be tricky deciding which painting to send in. At the moment I’m thinking it will be Tree gazing, partly because it’s the only one I have come up with a title for and partly because I think I want to keep this one. I may still change my mind though…

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