Collage exploration #4

Series: Collage exploration #4

After I’d made the third one of these with no direction other than the papers in front of me, I decided that it might be useful to have some external inspiration. I already have a copy of The Collage Ideas Book — breaking my usual rule of “only fiction on Kindle”, I picked up the Kindle version because it was ridiculously cheap. I have read through some of it, but the ideas just aren’t sticking in my brain; I think that confirms that my rule is right.

So I picked up a copy of a Tate book: Project Collage: 50 Projects to Spark Your Creativity. Being able to flick through a real book makes a huge difference.

This collage is inspired by the very first project in the book: layers of torn paper. It gave me the opportunity to use some of these lovely textures of brick and stone, and I found the sign on an old serviette and that blended nicely into the magazine elements.

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