Collage exploration #6

A collage with a cutout of a black and white photo of a young girl standing in a ploughed field made of green and brown strips.

Series: Collage exploration #6

This is another mini collage inspired by one of the examples in the Project Collage book. I rather like the way the book is organised into different themes with just a few examples for each: the first two I made from it were Torn and Layers & Tears from the “Freehand” theme and this one sees a change of theme to “Colour” with a focus on Perspective.

The example in the book uses a side-on view of stairs for the perspective element but, not wanting to simply copy that design, I chose instead to create a ploughed field effect. The girl standing in the field is from a very old photo of me — I’m not sure how old I was there but it feels like it might have been taken at the start of a school year. In the original photo I am standing on the grass in front of one of the farm buildings, but we were surrounded by arable land so the ploughed field is an appropriate setting.

I’m quite happy with the end result. It’s not my favourite — I preferred the hand-torn style of the first two — but it definitely met the brief.

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