Wanderlust: inky flowers

CRX0093 square.png

The first week of the Wanderlust “floral” theme and, as usual, we started with the organiser Kasia Avery (website, Instagram).

In an ultimately vain attempt to avoid constantly running behind on the class schedule, I decided to temporarily skip the steampunk theme which has some quite time-consuming lessons in it and jump to the Floral theme. I did succeed in doing two lessons on the weekend they were made accessible, but then… I keep getting distracted by other things — the Daily Marker colouring challenge, birthday cards to be made, and even non-art-related things — I am destined to be constantly playing catch up and I just have to accept that.

CRX0093 detail02.png

The inky part of this lesson didn’t really work as planned — the idea was that the ink should mix in with the paint a bit, but everything just dried too quickly. I don’t know whether it would work better using standard rather than fluid acrylics, or whether I was just working too slowly — I don’t rush at anything — it certainly wasn’t because the British weather is too hot and dry… Either way, I still like the result.

CRX0093 detail01.png

I’m still learning how to mix acrylics on the page so I was pleasantly surprised at how well the shading on the vase came out. If I ever get around to trying this again (oh so many things on the “must give it a go” list), I would add more flowers, but other than that, this definitely goes in the success pile.


CRX0093 display.png

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