Awaken #1 circles

Series: Awaken #1 of 4

I was having a micro-tidy, going through a pile of bits balanced on top my Copic markers, when I came across the alcohol ink circles that I made last year (some things just never get put away somehow) and decided that I really ought to do something with them. The two smaller pieces are… somewhere… and the larger “scattered rings” piece I cut into quarters with the intention of doodling on them.

Alcohol inks create lots of edges within the colours that can be interesting starting points for abstract doodling. Of course, with these I also had the circles to work with. For this first one, I focused on the two overlapping circles, adding black and gold pen marks. After I’d worked on all four pieces, I came back and added the black dots to tie them all together.

I mounted the pieces on black card, which makes them feel more finished, but which also made them harder to photograph (“no camera, the image is not backlit”) so the colours on some of the pictures don’t look quite as rich as they do in real life.

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