Messy May “home”

Series: Messy May #13

Prompt: 13 HOME
Host: Shemi @shemidixon
Guidance: Create a collage house with images filled with the comforts of home.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t in a great mood when I made this. I’ve spent so much time at home in the last few years — covid (still very much with us), cancer (currently stable) and fatigue — that I wasn’t feeling very charitable about home at the time. Just a passing phase but brought into focus by the prompt. So I really didn’t feel like creating anything like a mood board of home comforts, hence the outside view with all the flowers. Really not sure why I didn’t skip this one…

I like this bit

My mood wasn’t helped by the crackle paste putting in a terribly poor show on the path, and was made worse by the leftover bit I smeared on some scrap paper crackling beautifully.

If I ignore the house and path, I actually quite like the rest. The stencilling over the book text, the tissue paper flowers and the butterfly all make me happy. Objectively, even the house with the collage and the stencilling is okay if simplistic, I just can’t disassociate it from the bad mood.

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