Messy May “less”

Series: Messy May #18

Prompt: 19: LESS
Host: Sarah @sjrondontheir response
Guidance: Using a base of neutral collage, add a single block of colour to create impactful spreads.

The prompt may have been “less” but that doesn’t mean I can’t add a touch of gold bling to the neutral collage pieces. I hunted through my stash for a variety of neutral elements and found a teabag, some dyed muslin, and various dyed papers. To those, I added a strip of gold paper and some pieces of broken eggshell. One of the pieces of paper must have been coloured with water-based inks or sprays because the colour smeared a little when I glued it down (this is why I mostly use acrylics or other water-resistant media when I make collage papers now).

The leaf is one from a pack I picked up along with some similar bits when a craft store was having a clearance sale a few years ago. I added the veins with Pebeo Mixtion Relief Gilding Paste and gold gilding sheet.

I’m still undecided about the shade of green I used: on the one hand I would like to have picked a brighter green but, on the other, it does add to the range of contrast in the piece. So on balance I’m happy with it.

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