Wanderlust: concertina flow

CRX0091 square.png

This was the last lesson of the Wanderlust “rivers” theme and we were back with Kasia Avery (website, Instagram).

I was working out of order here. I’d put off starting this lesson because it felt like it was going to take a while to do. Rather than just a single page in an art journal, this one would spread over several pages.

CRX0091 detail.png
choosing matching colours from different mediums

Although it was part of the rivers theme, the instructions said to work vertically on the pages rather than horizontally along the whole strip. Because of that, it ended up with more of a geological feel than a flowing river, but that’s what felt right as I was working around the texture pastes and I am happy with the end result.

CRX0091 detail01.png

As I was working on the pages, I quickly decided not to insert it into my art journal. The journal was getting bulky enough with just the layers of paint in it and I was only just over half-way through it at this point.

CRX0091 detail02.png

So I made this into a mini concertina booklet instead, not something I’ve tried before. I cut covers out of thick card and covered them with some of the collage paper left over from working on the patterns theme. And I found some matching ribbon to tie it with.

CRX0091 detail03.png

Kasia had added hand-stitching to hers and I kept meaning to do the same to mine, but then I’d forget about it again. Looking at it again, I don’t think that it really needs it, but if I do change my mind I can always revisit it.


CRX0091 display.png

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