Wanderlust: hexagon patterns

CRX0087 square

The fifth theme of the Wanderlust year is “Patterns” and, as usual, we’re starting off with inspiration from the organiser: Kasia Avery (website, Instagram).

This project introduced the theme of patterns in the most straightforward way: paint some squares in flat colour and then create different patterns on each of them. I was in need of some cheerful colours and chose to go with orange and yellow for my backgrounds, but then kept it simple by creating the patterns in black. I did add some extra details in white on nearly all of them.

CRX0087 detail1

Most people doing the class seemed to follow Kasia’s lead and cut circles out of their pattern pieces; I like to do things a little differently if I can without losing the flow of the lesson so I cut mine into hexagons. Of course, as soon as you have yellow and orange hexagons, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that your focal point should be a bee. I found a suitable image in my ephemera collection, printed it, fussy cut it out, and added a touch of colour to the body, eyes and wings.

CRX0087 detail2.png

I painted the background in flat black, but I had a lot of black paint left over on my palette and I didn’t want to waste it. Rather than create yet another background in my other art journal (my usual use for spare paint), I grabbed the bunch of cotton buds left over from the first of the rivers classes and dabbed it all over. Once it was dry I dry-brushed white over the top to highlight the texture.

Finding an arrangement that I liked took an absolute age. I tried every option, including throwing them randomly at the page in frustration! I am quite pleased with the final layout and the charcoal shading along the overlapping edges does add a nice bit of depth.


CRX0087 display.png

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