Wanderlust: mop brush

CRX0060 square.png

Week three of the “Typography” theme brought the next guest teacher: Kelly Hoernig (website, Vimeo, Instagram).

So this is the actual homework for week three’s lesson (unlike “ow!” which was just inspired by it). There were two elements to the class: the first involved recreating printed lettering with paint and the second asked us to be inspired by one of our tools.

CRX0060 detail3.png

There are oh so many interesting fonts on our computers, but it can be hard incorporating them into handmade creations. When I made my shiny objects canvas, I did something similar to the first lesson, only there I used a pen and a thin font. This time it was a variety of font weights and a brush and India ink.

CRX0060 detail1

The demonstration for the painting included creating a pencil with the word “pencil” in block letters making up the body; I did think about doing that, but I prefer to avoid exactly recreating examples from classes if I can. I looked around my desk and my eye fell on this pretty pink mop brush. I knew instantly how I wanted to use it.

I mostly use paint to add colour to things — it’s been a long time since I really tried to create images of things with paint from scratch so I’m always really surprised when they look like the thing they are supposed to be 🙂

CRX0060 detail2


CRX0060 display.png

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