Wanderlust: ow!

CRX0059 square

Week three of the “Typography” theme brought the next guest teacher: Kelly Hoernig (website, Vimeo, Instagram).

This isn’t the “homework” for week three’s class, though it does use some of the techniques taught in that class and is a heartfelt response to the night before I made it.

I was relaxing, watching a bit of tv, and I yawned. And a muscle in the corner of my jaw spasmed, painfully, and everything tensed up down my neck and into my shoulder. Luckily it didn’t lock up, but it was still sore the following morning. Rather than try to do the detailed painting that my plan for the actual homework would require, I decided to take it easy and express myself in fluorescent ink instead.

CRX0059 detail1.png

I just love those fluorescent inks! And the liquid chrome pen works beautifully over the black acrylic.

The main lesson learned would be not to use a straw to create the ink splats. You might get away with it in the summer, but in the winter the inevitable condensation build up inside the straw is, quite frankly, unhygienic. The extra annoying thing is that I do have a spritzer tool designed for use with Distress markers somewhere, which would have been perfect for this technique, but of course, I cannot find it (in spite of having seen it recently and thought “oh, that’s where that is”).

CRX0059 detail2.png


CRX0059 display

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