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Amigurumi: bigger

bigger amigurumi

The fifth in my series of amigurumi throwback posts. Most of the patterns I’ve made end up being only a few inches tall, but there have been a few larger creations.

CRA0001 curious alien

Curious alien

They do warn you that the feet can be a bit tricky to make, but the pattern is well written so just take it steady, follow the instructions carefully and it’ll turn out fine.

Pattern: Curious alien by Jessica Felton (free).

CRA0026 alien rabbit

Alien rabbit

I love this alien bunny, which I made for my other half. It’s quite straightforward to crochet, though I did have issues when it came to assembling it. It is so lanky that it’s easy to get the positioning of the limbs slightly out, you think they’re balanced, then you sit it down and it’s just not quite right. There may have been cursing…

Pattern: Alien rabbit from crochetpattern on Etsy. The shop is currently on break.

CRA0016 purple hippo.png

Hungry hippo

I enjoyed making this, but I’m not in love with the finished piece. It turned out just like it was supposed to, but it doesn’t fill me with joy so he’s sat in the bottom of a drawer. I think I’m just not really a hippo kind of person…

Pattern: Hippo by Hannah on the Bittersweet blog (free).

CRA0008 girl elephant

Girl elephant

Like the hippo, this isn’t one of my favourite makes; it’s one of those things where I really enjoyed the process of making it, but I’m kind of indifferent about the result. I do love the colour though.

Pattern: Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli (book)

CRA0028 tux.png

Tux the penguin

Another one that I made for my other half, though I didn’t bother with the Hawaiian accessories in the original pattern. This is Tux the penguin, the mascot of the Linux operating system. My other half is extremely techy and was writing about open source software, including Linux, at the time I made this for him.

Pattern: Hawaiian Tux from Delicious Crochet on Etsy.

CRA0038 Earl Lenmeyer the Flask.png

Earl Lenmeyer the flask

Please excuse Earl’s slightly grubby appearance, he has spent far too much time down the back of my other half’s desk. I would wash him, but the eyes definitely wouldn’t survive the experience and I’m not sure how the rest of him would do either.

Pattern: Earl Lenmeyer the flask by Shanna (free).

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