Wanderlust: steampunk palette

CRX0095 square.png

And we’re back with Anneliese Bates (Instagram) for the last week of the Wanderlust “steampunk” theme.

I had put off doing the steampunk lessons because, after having a quick look, I realised that most of them were going to be more time-consuming than the average art journal page. Not only that, but I would have to go shopping for some of them. Not that I mind shopping for craft supplies, but one project in particular requires things that I haven’t bought before so a bit more research will be required. But I will go back to all of them.

CRX0095 detail-ab.png

The lesson uses a metal 12 hole cupcake tin, which was a bit daunting because of the size and, also, it is really hard to find one that doesn’t have a non-stick coating. So my first thought was to do a flat version in my art journal instead, but then I remembered the six-well plastic paint palettes from my childhood and found a cheap one on Amazon.

CRX0095 detail-cd.png

I knew it would take a while to do — the layers of paint, making the air-dry clay decorations and colouring them, assembling all the metal trinkets and deciding how to arrange everything…

CRX0095 detail-ef.png

I spent so much time on this: I followed all the instructions from the class and then just kept going… adding faux rust around the edges, the leaves, the sentiment, microbeads, glitter etc.

CRX0095 detail.png

For some reason I tend to avoid making the three-dimensional pieces — I think it’s mostly down to a lack of space to display or store them — but I have to say that once I got started on this, it was such fun to make.


CRX0095 display.png

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