Wanderlust: doodle dolls

CRX0081 square.png

It’s the third week of the “Faces” theme and the second of this theme’s guest instructors: Marieke Blokland (website, Instagram, YouTube).

People, faces, dolls… these are not subjects that lift my heart. And yet… There is something about this pair that brings a smile to my face.

It was fun to make because the whole idea was to make doodled dolls: imperfect, odd shapes, with blotches of colour.

CRX0081 detail3

The background was made of more patches of colour with marks over the top for texture. I got carried away doing the background and forgot that the instructor’s version had it divided into four. I decided to just add in a horizon line on mine, which I did by masking across the middle with a sheet of paper and then dry-brushing green up towards the top and white towards the bottom.

CRX0081 detail1.png

The white outlines really set this pair off from the background without making them look like cutouts. And a few highlights in the hair and eyes made a big difference too. You can’t really tell on the photographs, but there is some silver splattered on the background and painted in the centres of the green circles; the line along the edge of the v-neck is also silver…

CRX0081 detail2.png

So, yes, I really didn’t expect to like this project. Or at least I didn’t expect to like the end result, the process is always interesting. But somehow, it works for me.


CRX0081 display.png

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