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Amigurumi: the rest

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The last in my series of amigurumi throwback posts. These are the ones that just didn’t fit into the other categories.

CRA0002 puppy.png


Not one of my favourite patterns. I’m not sure what it is — I suspect it’s just the way my brain works — but occasionally a finished toy will end up feeling like a collection of stitched together pieces, rather than a complete object. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the puppy, it looks just like the pictures in the book, but…

Pattern: Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli (book)

CRA0020 alley cat.png

Alley cat

Most amigurumi patterns are very stylised, so it was fun making something that had a more realistic form for a change.

Pattern: Alley Cat from StripeyBlue on Etsy.

CRA0017 Drano dragon.png

Drano dragon

This was made out of the same vivid yarn as the orange kitty, but I managed to do a slightly better job of photographing it. I prefer the dragon pattern on the throwback post, but that one got sent away to my mum. (Yes, I could make another one of those, but I still remember having to sew all the pieces together for that.)

Pattern: Drano, The Grounded Baby Dragon by Simple Arts Planet on Etsy — the pattern can be bought individually from this listing.

CRA0037 crobot


Crobot is somewhere in the house. Probably in my other half’s workroom. I have looked, several times, but he is doing a remarkably good job of remaining hidden. That is why I only have this terrible, old photo of him.

Pattern: Crobots by Nelly Pailloux (book)

CRA0036 signature escargot.png

Signature escargot

And finishing off with what is probably my favourite piece of amigurumi. It was also the trickiest of all the makes. Even the creator warns “Because the shell is tricky, I feel that this pattern requires intermediate/advanced crochet skills.” But it was well worth the effort because the end result is so cute.

Pattern: Signature Escargot from AmiGarden on Etsy. The shop is currently on break.

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