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Amigurumi: throwback


I’d been thinking about doing a couple of blog posts with some of the amigurumi I crocheted before I started making cards — after all, I did set this blog up as a way to record the things I create so why not include some throwback crafts into the mix.

When I realised that I had only previously put photos up on Flickr (and I killed that account a long time ago) and not on my other blog, that convinced me to actually get around to doing it.

But of course, it’s not as simple as grabbing a couple of photos and posting them, oh no, not when there’s an opportunity to reorganise all my patterns and create spreadsheets so I can track which ones I actually made and what I have in my big bag of completed amigurumi and whether I have photos of them…

The only thing left to do now is to see if I can track down the ones I gave to my other half, which should all be in the house somewhere… In the meantime, I have started tidying up the old photos of the amis that were given away.

Most of my crocheting was done 8–10 years ago but, surprisingly, nearly all of the patterns are still available.

all the bunnies

Bunnies in hats

There are only two patterns that I ever made more than once: a little owlet and these cute bunnies. Everyone loved these. The two with the J and C on the hats were made for my nephews, one went to my mum, I still have one, and I can’t remember where the other one went, possibly to my brother.

Pattern: Tiny ami bunny from Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli (not currently in print, but second-hand copies can be found – it is available on Kindle in the UK but, seriously, who wants to follow patterns on a Kindle)

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko

This was made as a housewarming gift. Rather than crochet a bib, I had a dig through my (then much smaller) stash and found this button which — threaded on some thin ribbon and sewn into place — made the perfect accessory.

Pattern: Maneki Neko by Mountain Weaver Fiber Art Studio (free)

orange kitty

Orange kitty

Another of the tiny ami variations: the same basic body and head as the bunnies, just different ears, tails and faces. This orange yarn is hard to photograph well, it is so incredibly bright.

Pattern: Tiny ami cat from Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli

green dragon

Green dragon

I have always liked dragons, so when I found this pattern I had to give it a go. Because it’s a bigger creature it was easier to make the individual bits, but there were a lot of bits to sew together…

Pattern: Baby snow dragon by Marjorie Jones (free)

Wedding couple

Wedding couple

I made these as a gift when our neighbour’s daughter got married. I tweaked the design a little: the original has a crocheted veil which I wasn’t keen on, so I replaced it with some fine net material.

Pattern: Wedding couple Dilian and Mayee from SA Planet Amigurumi (paid)



Many many many years ago my brother’s nickname was Snoopy, so I made him this as a Christmas present.

Pattern: Pilot Snoopy by GetFun (no longer available as an individual pattern, only in a pattern collection)


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