Wanderlust: do!

CRX0061 square.png

Week four of Wanderlust 2019 and we’re back with Kasia Avery (blog, Instagram).

After having said that I don’t do the whole word for the year thing, guess what this week’s exercise was… I also said that even if I did “my words would be the same every year: explore, play, learn“. So what word did I pick to create an art journal page around?


My biggest problem is procrastination. Whether it’s not starting something because the post hasn’t been yet and my other half is expecting something and I don’t want to have to (literally) drop what I’m doing and dash for the door (because they don’t wait for you to get downstairs at a normal speed). Or whether it’s not doing something because there are other things that have a theoretical higher priority (but I’m probably not doing those either). Or whether it’s simple decision overload because there are just so many things I could be doing so I don’t start any of them. Or it’s something that I haven’t done before and there’s still a part of my brain that is bothered by the idea of messing up so let’s just avoid it for now…

So yes, EXPLORE – PLAY – LEARN are my guiding words, but in order to act on them I have to sidestep the procrastination. So my word of the year is DO! (complete with exclamation mark).

CRX0061 detail1.png

The butterfly is there as a reminder that it doesn’t matter how clichéd an image is, if it’s one that I like and that has meaning to me, I shouldn’t allow the thought that other people might think it’s clichéd to stop me from using it. And dammit, I like butterflies!

CRX0061 detail3.png

The five and two, well, to be honest, they were initially just some bits of printed ephemera that I picked out of the box that were a nice size to add some interest on the page. But fifty-two is the number of weeks in the year and Wanderlust is a year-long project. It may also have other significance, but I’m ignoring that as I genuinely only realised it after I’d finished.

CRX0061 detail2


CRX0061 display

2 thoughts on “Wanderlust: do!”

  1. Awesome! I like that word. It fits me. I need to “do”. I tend to procrastinate too! So many things to do, and not enough time! LOL! Love this!


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