Artful Academy journal – December

A geometric paper-pieced Solstice journal page with the sun rising over a snowy field with fir trees.

Series: Artful Academy 2020 journal #13

It would have been easy to have chosen Christmas as the subject for the last art journal page of the year, but I like to avoid the obvious option so I chose to make a Solstice page instead.

After the painterly Boundaries page, I changed the style up by going for a graphic geometric look. Once I’d decided on the layout, it occurred to me that would work well as a paper-pieced page.

Close-up of the sun.

I did want to include some texture so, rather than just raid my card and paper stash, I picked some plain coloured card and made crumpled faux leather paper. It’s a simple recipe: spray the card with Ranger Ink Refresher (which prevents the card cracking), rub it in gently and then crumple the card to get the desired amount of creases. Depending on how it will be used, it can be left to dry naturally or ironed flat; there will still be plenty of texture that can be highlighted with an ink pad.

Close-up of the solstice word on the snowy field.

It took a while to make — lots of tracing and cutting — but I think it makes a nice page to wrap up the 2020 journal, looking forward to days with more light.

The art journal page with its matching collage page.

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