Gilded leaf postcard

I was sorting through various journals and sketchbooks scattered around my room, dividing them into ones that are full, ones that have never been used, and ones that are somewhere in the middle. It was in one of the last group that I found this piece — the only piece I made from one of Kasia Avery’s free Advent Calendar classes over at Everything Art back in 2019. The Advent Calendar courses are free and consist of daily prompts along with Kasia’s interpretation of them for inspiration.

The first prompt was to create a “postcard” to yourself. I collaged a background of painted papers, toned them down with gesso, then added a couple of torn strips of washi tape, some word stickers and a dried pressed leaf. A bit of gilding on the leaf and some shading around the edges finished it off. It was always going to be a bit optimistic, starting a class in December, but at least I did complete one of the lessons which is more than I’ve done for a lot of the classes I’ve signed up for over the years.

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