Wanderlust: collage 3 ways

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #08

This was a lesson in three parts demonstrating some of the different ways you can balance collage and paint in mixed media art journal projects.

The first is pure collage, no paint at all. There are areas of this that I really like but the overall effect is a little busy — I was sticking to the lesson guidelines, so initially I just left it as it was. Then, when I was writing this and looking at it again, I just wanted to go in with white paint and tone down some of it, nothing drastic, just enough to add definition to the main groupings. So I did.

The second is more of a balance between collage and paint, with the book text still visible and the printed tissue paper over the top. It got a little dark in places and I am still not convinced by the use of drips on pages; I know they can look good, but I rarely seem to be happy with the effect when I use them.

The third one is more about using collage as texture. Everything has several layers of paint and lots of colour which ends up being tamed by applying white paint through a stencil with a small foam roller. I also added iridescent copper to highlight the texture and edges on some of the collage pieces.


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