Art card: Blue Moon

The starting point for this card was a piece of an acrylic skin that I had peeled off a palette months ago and kept in my pile of scraps. It was just the right size for an art card and only needed a black background to sit on.

When I did Wanderlust in 2019, one of the pre-classes was Beautiful Backgrounds and one of the backgrounds I made was a blue one with touches of purple and a lot of clear texture paste heavily applied through a stencil. There was so much texture on there that I couldn’t really see myself using it as an art journal background, instead I cut it up and used quite a bit of it in the third of the collage three ways pieces for one of this year’s Wanderlust bonus lessons.

There were a few scraps left over, including this circle which I turned into a moon in front of a super colourful galaxy.

I added a little black paint around the moon to set it off from the background, and a lot of silver stars because I just can’t leave well alone 🙂

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