Wanderlust: leaf in texture

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #30

A new theme and this time it’s texture. I love a bit of texture with my mixed media so this theme should be perfect for me. Though I am being a bit more selective (picky!) at the moment so I’ve only actually completed two of the four classes and, to be honest, I thought hard about the two I did do.

I chose to do this one because it was the first one of the theme and it gave me the opportunity to dig through my stash and find some interesting textures that weren’t too chunky to use in an art journal. There are a couple of different texture pastes at the base of it, then we have tissue paper, gauze, heavy lace (there’s definitely a better name for that), moss, and eggshell.

Some sprays and a touch of gilding wax added the colour. I have a few leaves that I pressed a couple of years ago and started by gluing a fern-like leaf in the centre and colouring it with gold gilding wax — but that blended in to the background too much so I added the reddish leaf over the top instead and simply outlined it.


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