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Alcohol ink landscape

Of course, inspiration is hardest to find when I’m on a deadline. Birthdays at the start of the month are the worst because I don’t tend to think about them until the month starts: “oh it’s September now, what cards do I have to make, only two but they both need doing in the first few days”…

One of those two is for my brother. Over the years, I’ve run through my selection of motorbike, camper van, and sheep images (he worked with a shepherd a long time ago) so now I’ve switched over to making more arty cards. A couple of years ago I made him an encaustic wax landscape, last year I turned a house portrait into a card, and this year I used his impending birthday as the motivation I needed to turn my hand to alcohol ink landscapes.

I’ll probably do a post with the other landscapes I practised on — they’re not awful — but this is far and away my favourite. I love the way the sky turned out.


  • inks:
    Adirondack alcohol inks
    Piñata white alcohol ink
  • paper and card:
    Yupo 100gsm

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