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Encaustic landscape III

This is the third encaustic landscape I have made. The first one; I made that one for myself to try out my new iron and waxes (why start with the basics when you can try to create a finished piece first time). The second one; I made that for my brother’s birthday and decided then that I would have to make one for my mum as well. This year, I finally got around to doing it.

This time I did some practice beforehand. I signed up for the Encaustic House basics online course a while ago (and then never did anything with it 🙄) but this seemed like a good time to make a start and, although I only completed a few sections, it definitely helped the confidence when I came to make this landscape. When I’ll get around to the rest of the course is anyone’s guess…

I bought my mum a frame to put the card in — it feels a bit presumptuous doing that, like, “of course you’re going to want to display my art”, but she’s not as mobile as she used to be so it was the practical thing to do. Luckily she likes it!


  • colour:
    wax blocks
  • paper and card:
    Arts Encaustic A6 white card
    Arts Encaustic aperture card base
  • tools:
    Encaustic Art painting iron
    Encaustic Art stylus pro
  • miscellaneous:
    Encaustic Art wax acrylic sealer

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