Art card: Crossing Stripes

The only problem with making art out of the odds and ends left from other projects and experiments is that it can be hard to identify some of the components. The pink is obviously left over from playing with alcohol ink, but I’m not sure about the brown — I think it’s a scrap from a Tim Holtz substrate pack. Wherever they came from, I cut them into narrow strips and layered them over an odd-shaped off-cut of card that had somehow avoided a one-way trip to the bin. Then I glued that to an art card.

What to do next? After pondering various options I decided to continue the pink and brown stripes onto the background using Indian ink, which I applied with a brush to create a more organic feel. That looked okay but it needed something more.

I grabbed my Molotow liquid chrome pen (which gives a super shiny finish on non-porous surfaces and this more distressed look on porous ones) and added multiple outlines to the central shape.

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