Wanderlust: tag booklet

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #29

A few weeks ago, as we were approaching half way through the Wanderlust year, a survey about the course dropped into my inbox. Filling it in got me to thinking about how I was feeling about doing it this year and looking back at the projects I completed when I did it in 2019.

I feel like I’ve been running out of steam. To be fair, I did stop about this time in 2019 too (I think I got sidetracked by starting on Christmas cards then). But this time it’s not so much that there are other things I want to be doing, it’s more that the projects aren’t inspiring me at the moment.

There have definitely been pieces that I’ve enjoyed making and where I like the end result, but a lot of it is feeling very samey with a technique or style shoehorned into an interpretation of the theme. And looking back at 2019, by this time there had been four projects that didn’t live in an art journal — this is the first one this year.

And I do quite like this one. I’ve not come across this way of assembling a booklet before and it was nice to get my Distress Oxides out for a change. And I finally got to use that set of First Edition border dies that have been sitting unused for quite a while. Of course, the downside to making a booklet is that there are so many surfaces to cover 🙂 It did take a while to make but it was fun to do. All the stamps and stencils are from Visible Image and I threw in some elements from my Experiment linocut test prints.

So I’ve made a decision. I shall continue with Wanderlust this year, and I shall make a point of watching all the class videos, but if a class doesn’t inspire me I shall skip it and go do something else instead.


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust: tag booklet”

  1. I love how your project turned out! I did Wanderlust in 2019, took a year off and then started again this year. I had lost my way a bit too – a lot of collage and paint – which I like, but at times feel like the tutors are just doing their style and trying to put it into the monthly topic – which doesn’t always work. Still love the programme tho, as always find something interesting and you just have to take what you want from each class. Your projects are lovely and colourful – haven’t done Marjie’s class yet but I like what you did- maybe I will now!


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