Wanderlust: shells

An art journal page with three illustrated shells on a background of neutral colours with touches of gold.

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #01

On a bit of a whim, I signed up for Wanderlust 2021 last September. I took part in Wanderlust 2019 and got about half-way through before losing focus so I hadn’t planned on doing it again. But then I started getting the early bird offers and thought “why not?”. After all I had enjoyed the variety of styles, and going into it with the experience of having done it before would reduce the pressure to feel like I have to do every class as soon as it becomes available.

Wanderlust is divided into twelve themes and the first theme of the year is Reflections — and given 2020, there is a lot to reflect upon. The process involved starting out with loose, throwaway layers of scribbles, collage and paint and gradually refining them, finishing by adding a focal image and using light paint to knock back areas of the background to reinforce the image on the page.

Close-up of part of the background showing the texture of the paint, collage and stencilling.

I chose shells as my focal image to reflect the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions and, of course, my health issues which mean I am now shielding at home in my little protective bubble with my other half. So, protective shells, with one exposed.

One decision I have made is to not feel obliged to add journalling to my pages. Yes, this is in large part an art journalling course, but, while I am happy to use text as an underlying texture, I just don’t want to expose it as the last element on a piece.

Close-up of one of the shells and the paint texture around it.


The art journal page displayed at an angle.

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