Wanderlust: home on a hill

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #36

Another piece inspired by Kate Crane, this year’s Wanderlust guest host. I do enjoy her way of building up backgrounds with layers of brushed paint and mark-making.

The vast majority of the Wanderlust teachers work on double-page spreads in their art journals; I prefer to work on single pages and so I have to restructure some of the pieces. In this case, rather than have a large house on one side and three small ones on the other, I could mix them up and turn it into more of a landscape with the addition of a simple black hill line and some shading.

I also made a couple of other changes from the lesson. I didn’t add any words; for me, this design wouldn’t have benefitted from the addition of any text. And rather than leave the pages in the large house blank for journalling, I stamped some butterflies instead.

I did want to add some embellishments to the houses. Searching through my stash, the first things I came across were some cork map markers, which I put on top of the smaller houses and painted gold. I also found some pretty butterfly stickers that I thought would tie in well with the stamped butterflies inside the large house; they were very shiny, but a coat of extra-matte varnish solved that problem.

All in all, I think this Wanderlust class turned out nicely. I’m particularly taken with the texture on the large house.


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