Art card: Scattered Stars I & II

The base layers of these were made from a fabric-coated paper sample that I suspect is well over twenty years old — all things get used eventually 🙂 I left one of them plain and coloured the other with Copic markers.

I can’t remember exactly what the next layer was made of — I think it might have been from a Ranger substrate pack — but I had tried die-cutting a garland of stars in it and never got any further with that idea. So I trimmed it into ATC-sized pieces and layered it over the fabric base. I tried colouring one with Copic markers to mimic the stars on the other card, but it didn’t work like I’d hoped so I painted them both black instead.

Next I added the last of my acrylic palette skins, including the piece that looks like a crater, and finished it off by putting Ranger glossy accents and black enamel on some of the stars.

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