Art card: Black Lace

When I started the process of creating this set of art cards, I got as far as placing this heart sticker (absolutely no idea where that came from) on a plain art card.

The flourish is a metal embellishment that I had painted with gesso for another project, but it didn’t get used and ended up in my pot of leftovers instead. The same goes for the tiny wooden heart and the flower cut from a piece of lace. The main piece of lace was sitting in another pot on my desk, the other half of the piece I used in my sitting safe inside Wanderlust project.

To bring it all together, I grabbed some gilding wax and used it to add colour to the tiny heart, the flourish and the art card itself, including the heart sticker, which gives it that lovely purple shine when the light catches it.

I don’t tend to use hearts very much, but I do like how this card turned out.

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