Wanderlust: butterflies

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #18

This was a fun page to make. I enjoy using stencils and this has more stencils than I’ve ever used on a single piece before — seven in total — four on the background, one for the border, and two different butterfly stencils. Technically one of the butterflies used a mask, but I do have the matching stencil to go with it.

I only ever really use masks when I’m making cards, masking off the focal image to create an inked or stamped background, so it made a change to use one to turn the background pattern into a foreground image.

Dyan uses a double outlining technique which helps the stencilled images stand out even more: first outline it with a Sakura black Glaze pen (this has a shine to it so it doesn’t blend into the black paint) and then add a white outline between the Glaze and the black paint.

The end result has a lot of pop to it, helped by being quite restrained with the colours, using only three (pink, purple and blue) plus black. It’s harder (not impossible!) to create mud when all your colours are in the same region of the colour wheel.


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