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OPA: little tree box

Title: Little tree box
Medium: three-dimensional collage
Creator: Frances Bloomfield

These may only be short blog posts but some of them take a ridiculous amount of time to write. Aside from my habit of composing sentences in my head several times before committing them to the screen, in the process of checking the links I inevitably end up browsing through the artist’s currently available works. As well as several series of small artworks, Frances also has some much larger works that are fascinating to browse through — I am currently rather taken with Fragile Balance 4 for its texture, contrast and simplicity of colour.

But for now I am very happy with my little tree. The orange of the tree echoed on the edge of the box. The strip of text spiralling around the tree that ties the whole thing together. A simple idea very effectively executed.

Creator: Frances Bloomfield
Website: www.francesbloomfield.com
Online shop: www.francesbloomfield.com/recent-work
Instagram: www.instagram.com/francesbloomfield

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