Wanderlust: mini collages

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #14

The most interesting part of doing the Wanderlust classes is coming across new ideas, whether it’s a product I haven’t come across before, a technique I haven’t used, or just a different approach to creating a page.

I was vaguely aware of the existence of bleeding art tissue, but hadn’t been able to find any the last time someone mentioned using it. This time I managed to pick some up and had a play at creating collage papers by layering different coloured shapes onto regular white tissue paper. A few pieces of this ended up on the base layer of my page. Other papers can be made by pressing the still-wet collage onto white paper and transferring some of the bleeding colour (though you do have to be careful not to end up peeling the coloured tissue off).

The other new thing in this class was the idea of making a stash of mini collages that can be used as focal elements.

I recently sorted through my collage materials, separating them into different clear folders by type: magazine cuttings, book pages, painted paper etc. One of the folders is full of left-over scraps — too small to go back in the main folder but too large to throw out — and these provided the main material for making the mini collages. I also have a tub filled with random stuff like tea bags, Letraset, and stickers, which also came in useful.

The finished page is not my favourite, but there are definitely things I like about it. I like the idea of the mini collages even though I didn’t manage to make this one stand out enough from the background. I do like the way the different coloured layers of stencilled squares turned out. And I would like the black lines more if only I’d managed to avoid painting some of them on a slight slant.


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