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Egyptian-style bracelet

I’ve been debating with myself whether to post this or not. It is finished and it is functional, but I may well remake it.

It’s actually the second time I’ve made this design — the first time was before I’d bought some proper jewellery wire so I had a practice with some thin craft wire. That version ended up being a bit too small though; it is tricky judging how many beads you’ll need for a mirrored pattern, especially when you’re not sure how much space the wire wrap will take up.

This time it was a little too big. I thought I could tweak the shape of the hook fastener to shorten it a smidge but I broke it and now the hook is just a single piece of wire rather than a looped piece. It does still work — though it’s a bit fiddly to take off — and it isn’t too big, but I wouldn’t give it to anyone as it is.

Maybe the third attempt will work better. Or I could just find a similar design with different fastener…

If anyone fancies having a go, take a look at this video tutorial by Christina Larsen.

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