Wanderlust: floral memories

The guest instructor for week three of the Wanderlust "floral" theme was Mou Saha (website, Instagram, YouTube). Me and watercolour are not really the best of friends. I can use it, but unless I'm making pretty background papers for other projects, I'm rarely completely happy with the results. I know it's just a matter of… Continue reading Wanderlust: floral memories


Wanderlust: inky flowers

The first week of the Wanderlust "floral" theme and, as usual, we started with the organiser Kasia Avery (website, Instagram). In an ultimately vain attempt to avoid constantly running behind on the class schedule, I decided to temporarily skip the steampunk theme which has some quite time-consuming lessons in it and jump to the Floral… Continue reading Wanderlust: inky flowers

greeting cards

Pink and purple embossed flowers

Another bit of unloved stash taken down off the shelf and put to good use. I bought one of the Kaleidacolor multicolour ink pads ages ago out of curiosity; I think I maybe did a test stamp with it on some scrap paper, but I've never used it on an actual project. And then I… Continue reading Pink and purple embossed flowers