Hello: Orange and grey

grey and orange

Once again, I’m cutting it fine creating a challenge entry in time… where does the month go? It took a while to figure out what I was going to do for this; there were three palettes to choose from and either of the others would have been easy choices for a floral card (both had pinks and greens), but I was drawn to the third with its more graphic greys and oranges.

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Hello: Polaroid mermaid

Polaroid mermaid

I swear that next month, whatever image Gerda gives us for the progressive challenge, I am just going to colour it and put it on a card base1. That was, more or less, my intention this month, but then I saw all the creative things that people were doing with this scene and I wanted to do something different if I could. I was still planning on doing something simple when I started tidying up after creating another card… and there was a spare Polaroid die-cut on the desk… doomed…

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Hello: Stamped flowers with stencilling

stamped and stencilled flowers

I’ve been meaning to join in with the Seven Hills Crafts monthly challenge for a while and this month I actually managed to create something… only just in time though… For a change, I left my Copic markers on the side and went back to basics with some stencilling and stamping.

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Hello card: Gold foiled

Gold foiled hello card


I made myself wait before getting a Minc foiling machine. Firstly, to avoid just getting the latest toy because… toy! And secondly, I’m only ever likely to use it for card making and I’m a bit short of space, so the smaller version would suit my needs better. Of course, being in the UK means that we have to wait for things like this to make it over here, especially with electricals. The mini version of the Minc is now available and I have one and this is my first attempt at creating something with it.
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