mixed media

Experiment in black and gold

Sometimes an idea will pop into my head; often triggered by a barely seen something that just whizzed past my eye. It's not fully formed, it's definitely not a thing, but it's the start of an experiment. That vague idea — a golden slash across a black background — along with the need to play… Continue reading Experiment in black and gold

art cards

A very wonderful place

This wasn't so much an unfinished project as a barely started one. In fact, I really had no plan for this at all. When I made my golden ivy piece, I ended up with more coloured texture paste than I needed; not wanting to waste it, I grabbed an art card and covered it with… Continue reading A very wonderful place


Birthday: Purple flowers and texture paste

When I know that the person I'm making a card for will really appreciate the effort that goes into making it, I do tend to push myself to try something different. And that's what happened with this card. How: The card base was cut to size and the front was die cut on a curve. A… Continue reading Birthday: Purple flowers and texture paste