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Wanderlust: pattern portrait

The last week of the Wanderlust "Patterns" theme and we're back with the organiser Kasia Avery (website, Instagram). It was too much to hope that there wouldn't be any more faces... and as for creating an "abstract self-portrait", well, it's only my determination to have a go at all of the Wanderlust lessons that meant… Continue reading Wanderlust: pattern portrait

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Wanderlust: doorway patterns

The guest instructor for week three of the Wanderlust "Patterns" theme was Kellee Wynne Conrad (website, Instagram). Kellee's lesson was inspired by traditional tile patterns and the first thing we had to do was create our own. I've done a little bit of stamp carving before — including making the swallow stamp for my "two… Continue reading Wanderlust: doorway patterns

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Wanderlust: journal boxes

The instructor for week two of the Wanderlust "Patterns" theme was Eliza Trojanowska (website, Instagram). I always have a problem with the projects that tell you to make something meaningful to you. That is a sure-fire way to get my inner cynic going and, at the same time, set me into full-on over-thinking mode. Meaning… Continue reading Wanderlust: journal boxes

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Wanderlust: hexagon patterns

The fifth theme of the Wanderlust year is "Patterns" and, as usual, we're starting off with inspiration from the organiser: Kasia Avery (website, Instagram). This project introduced the theme of patterns in the most straightforward way: paint some squares in flat colour and then create different patterns on each of them. I was in need… Continue reading Wanderlust: hexagon patterns