Neuro sun #1

Neurographic art in blue and green with a yellow sun.

A few months ago there seemed to be a lot of neurographic art turning up in my various feeds and, being a bit of an artistic magpie, I read up on it and gave it a go.

As with all this sort of thing, I am personally sceptical about the supposed psychological benefits — don’t get me wrong, art is definitely therapeutic and some guidance is useful for non-artists, but whether any one approach is better than any other… I suspect that, like many things, some people will get on with some methods and some won’t; a bit like dieting, nothing works identically for everyone.

That aside, I did enjoy following the recipe: doodle lines across the paper making sure there are no loose ends visible, round all the places where the lines cross, optionally add more lines (I chose to add a circle), smooth the new corners, and add colour. I also decided to add some gold dots and white line detail at the end. It’s a while since I made this, but I’m pretty sure I used my Derwent Intense travel set for the colour, a black Posca marker to go over the lines, and gel pens for the gold and white details.

It’s a bit like Copic colouring for me: something that doesn’t require too much thought past choosing which colours to use. And I like the end result too. It’s definitely a technique to keep in the toolbox for those days when I’m not inspired but still want to create.

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