Messy May “happy”

An abstract art journal page built up of wavy fronds in purple, orange, pink, black and pale green.

Series: Messy May #3

Prompt: 03 HAPPY
Host: Michelle Schratz @raspberrybluesky
Guidance: Carefree fun. Create with the joyfulness of a child.

I enjoyed making this one. Forgetting about precision and tidiness and, for a start, not even bothering with brushes. What could fulfil the brief of child-like art better than finger-painting?

I did start by putting some simple marks down with crayons, but it wasn’t making me happy. So I got out some acrylic paints and built up layers of wavy fronds over the page, almost seaweed-like, just pushing the paint across the paper. I wanted some contrast and that’s when I got out a brush and the black paint. Then of course it needed something lighter to balance it out and I grabbed a green Wink of Luna brush pen and layered that with the black. To finish it off I added “flower heads” to the end of the black fronds by dotting with gold and white pens.

It’s not great art, it was never intended to be, but it was definitely fun to make and, with a bit of planning, this could be the basis of an interesting abstract.

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