Messy May “showing up”

Series: Messy May #2

Prompt: 02 SHOWING UP
Host: Caylee Grey @cayleegrey
Guidance: Show up in your journal today, in the easiest way possible. Use a bullet point list to (re)introduce yourself to your journal.

In avoiding creating an art journal bullet list, I ended up creating a piece more akin to a scrapbook page. And I actually don’t dislike it, which is quite surprising to me as scrapbooking is not something I’ve ever had an interest in. Not that I’m about to immerse myself in making 12×12 layouts.

So, rather than use words to introduce myself, I picked some images and papers that represent me and the art I choose to make. The main photo is me with Sheba, the dog that my father never wanted; I’ve always loved animals. Butterflies were another love from childhood and I often include them in my art. Floral elements too, the pressed flower and in a more abstracted way as well: the paper on the left edge is made by bundle-dyeing papers with petals. The blocky orange and black paper was from a tissue paper collage and there is a piece of gold-painted paper on the right.

The photo of the window was taken at the small farm I grew up on, long after it had stopped being a working farm and the buildings were showing their age; as well as it being part of my history, I just love the colours and textures and the broken down imperfection of it.

The dictionary pages are there because, although I would rarely choose to use words in my art, I love reading and words are important to me. In fact, the main reason I don’t use them is because they are so important and hold so much meaning that it is hard to choose the right ones.

To the photos, handmade papers and collage elements, I added a couple of Copic-coloured pieces — flowers and a cute critter — from my stash because Copics are my go-to for relaxing art I don’t have to think about too much. I could get deep and meaningful about how the mole represents me stumbling along in the world before being diagnosed autistic, but that wasn’t why I put it there, in truth, it’s just a cute critter that fit nicely on the page 🙂

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