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Bee on blackberry flowers

Series: The Daily Marker Art Card #05 I used the full version of this digi stamp to make a birthday card for my mum last year. I coloured this one without looking back at what I'd done before and it turned out completely different: none of the colour choices or shading patterns are the same.… Continue reading Bee on blackberry flowers

art cards

Beach girl

Series: The Daily Marker Art Card #04 The Paper Shelter is another reliable creator of interesting digi stamps. I really ought to put together an up-to-date list of suppliers I use; a few have unfortunately closed down in the last couple of years. I added texture to the hair with a sharp coloured pencil, the… Continue reading Beach girl


A pair of roses

Rather than automatically make a new card every time someone’s birthday comes around, I’ve been trying to use up some of my card stash, but there are exceptions. The birthday of my other half’s twin nieces is one such occasion. I’ve been seeing a few mentions of bridge cards recently and decided that a pair… Continue reading A pair of roses