Cute bunny

And following quickly on the heels of my brother's birthday comes an easier birthday to make for. Easier because this is one birthday — my other half's sister — where I can repeat the general theme without worrying that it won't be appreciated. Bunnies! And this is a particularly cute bunny. I did the colouring… Continue reading Cute bunny

art cards

Gothic pinup

Series: The Daily Marker Art Card #20 It's around this point in every Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge that I stare at the things I've already coloured and start wondering what colours I can use without repeating myself. Eventually, I settled on this dark pink, kind of burgundy. Backgrounds are another thing that I'm… Continue reading Gothic pinup

art cards

Girl on a leaf

Series: The Daily Marker Art Card #21 Another girl digi — quite an old one — from The East Wind and another attempt at non-Caucasian skin. Once again I started testing with a combo from Sandy Allnock's human rainbow but ended up tweaking the selection to something that seems to work better with the way… Continue reading Girl on a leaf