Wings of Time panel

CRX0012 square

You can learn a lot from just watching YouTube videos, but sometimes it’s handy to actually walk through the techniques with the same supplies, just to get a feel for how what you’re seeing translates into actually doing. So I picked up this workshop kit to have a play.

CRX0012 detail01

I am really bad (or good depending on how you look at it) at procrastinating. Putting things off is an art form in itself. Case in point: I was umm-ing and ahh-ing, trying to decide whether to buy this particular workshop kit (decisiveness being another quality I struggle with) when my other half, having looked over my shoulder a couple of minutes before, told me to get it because he’d just transferred the money for it to me. That was in October last year. I finally did the workshop in March.

CRX0012 detail02

Everything in the kit survived the wait, well, all apart from the little pot of crackle paste which had dried out. Luckily I already had some in my stash.

CRX0012 detail03

I bought the workshop and kit from Craft Box, but Anna (the owner) has built up quite a collection of online workshops and has now split them off onto a separate site: Creative Craft Academy. This is the Wings of Time workshop.

CRX0012 detail04

Because it’s someone else’s design, I won’t do my usual walkthrough. I mostly stuck to the instructions, at least until it came to adding the metal embellishments: I swapped out some of the things in the kit for my own pieces and changed up the positioning.

CRX0012 detail05

I also added some extra micro beads and coloured them with wax. The ones in the kit were silver which, to my eye, looked a bit bright against the brown spray and darker metal pieces.

CRX0012 detail06

It was a useful experience, but I don’t think I’d get another kit. I just like the satisfaction of creating my own designs too much — I do like the finished panel and I enjoyed making it, but it’s not really mine.

CRX0012 display

This panel was created in March 2018 during my month of mixed media experimentation.

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