Follow your dreams

CRX0009 square

Another “throwback Thursday” post for another panel that I made and photographed last year (hence the 2017 watermark that I cannot be bothered to redo: I don’t need any more excuses to not get around to blogging this creation). This panel was made in response to a challenge to use a clipboard in a mixed media project.

A lot of my mixed media supplies — paper, lace, flowers, charms and the like — come from having a monthly Craft Box UK subscription. August’s box had a small clipboard in it and the challenge was laid down to build a project using it.

CRX0009 detail 2

I doubly challenged myself to use some elements that I had been avoiding: namely the resin-cast pieces. They are very chunky pieces and well out of my comfort zone; a bit of foam tape was about as much dimension as I was really happy with then.

For the base layer, I glued down a rice paper clock, added some Distress ink colour and crackle paste on two sides.

The next layer added metal filigrees on three corners and a strip of lace down from the fourth.

CRX0009 detail 3

The resin pieces and the large filigree leaf were all given a touch of colour with waxes.

CRX0009 detail 1

I arranged the cluster of flowers, leaf and gems around the resin frame in the lower half. I am still pleased with the way I set the clock and rose inside the frame supported by the black gravel. The large resin flower was added to the top corner.

CRX0009 detail 4

The “follow your dreams” MDF words were painted, given a shimmery coat of Irresistible pico embellisher, and glued in place.

CRX0009 detail 5

I wrapped some string around the clip, coated the whole thing with texture paste and added a large gem over the hole. I found a couple of tags that fit in with the “dreams” theme and arranged them under the clip.

The final touches were a few art stones, some microbeads and a random scattering of gold Stickles.

In a surprising turn of events, Anna (who runs Craft Box) picked my entry as the winner and I got an extra subscription box for my efforts!

CRX0009 display

This panel was created in August 2017 for the Craft Box UK Facebook challenge.

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