Spring flowers panel

CRX0015 square

I am definitely enjoying playing around with mixed media projects — I’ve spent most of my crafty time in March getting my hands covered in glue and paint (apart from those odd occasions when I actually remembered to put on disposable gloves). I am very much still at the stage of experimenting and am happy to take inspiration wherever I find it. This time it came in the form of a post on the That’s Crafty challenge blog: a call to Spring into Action.

I had a pack of white/greyboard panels and some small wildflowers from That’s Crafty in my stash which seemed like the perfect starting point for a spring-inspired project.

CRX0015 detail01

I’d seen some super-textured backgrounds in the regular Pinterest emails and wanted to have a go at creating something similar. My first thought was to break out the texture paste. My second thought was that that might be tricky to mould into the sort of wavy lines I wanted. My third thought was to remember that I have a tub of Collall textile hardener I hadn’t tried using and a ready supply of gauze.

CRX0015 detail02

I may have gone overboard with the hardener. It took a long time to dry; in the end I left it overnight before continuing. I will be more restrained next time.

While I was waiting for the panel to dry, I got out my acrylic paints and coloured the flowers, adding a top layer of dry-brushed translucent shiny paint.

CRX0015 detail03

Before adding a (probably unnecessary) coat of white gesso, I glued on some art stones and fine decoration gravel; I also put a bit of Icelandic moss where the end of the flower stems would go. Then I covered the panel with some bright spring-like blue, green and yellow acrylic paints. The gesso, along with a ready supply of water, did help the colours to move nicely though.

CRX0015 detail04

With the paint dry and the flowers firmly glued in place, I could add the faux druzy stones, microbeads and some small clear gems.

It needed something else though, so I raided my stash and found these small metal butterflies. A touch of wax made them fit in much better.

CRX0015 detail05

I spent quite a bit of time faffing around dry brushing different colour waxes and gesso over the background until I was happy with the contrast. The final touch was to add some glossy accents drops before leaving well alone (it’s hard to know when to stop sometimes).

The finished piece is completely different to the other things I’ve made this month, but that’s kind of the point of doing it.

CRX0015 detail06

2 thoughts on “Spring flowers panel”

  1. What a magnificent display Sarah, you really have produced an absolute stunning piece of mixed media. I love every inch of it’s jewelled beauty and the wildflower greyboard sits very much at home nestled amongst it all. Thank you for sharing with us over at That’s Crafty and joining in with the Spring into Action Blog Challenge.
    Creative wishes Tracey DT


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