Mice and presents

CR00459 square

The annual hunt for small furry Christmassy critters to go on a card for my mum. I’d narrowed it down to a handful of options, but ultimately this one won out because of the mouse butt. I love that little furry mouse butt 🙂

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Birthday: Mice and blackberries


November (already!) and that means cute critters and blackberries for my mum’s birthday. (It’s not for another couple of days, but as she’s the only person I know who isn’t on the internet, it’s safe to post it now  🙂 )

I’m running a bit behind schedule this year — this would normally have been made at least a week or two ago — but I’ve had to drag my mojo out of the corner where it was hiding to get this card done. At least I already knew which digi stamp I was going to use for it and I had decided to keep the card layout simple and let the colouring shine.

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